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Hire the best salespeople using the most advanced Sales Personality Test with validity based on four sciences backed by brain research.

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While this bitter pill of truth may be difficult to swallow, the reality is many people in your position unknowingly hire salespeople who are lucky to be average performers.  

Chances are your competitors are stuck in the “hiring stone age” when it comes to hiring sales talent that can actually sell — never mind win consistently.

The quality of your salespeople should and can be your competitive advantage.  

If you use our sales personality test to weed out the low performers and focus on hiring the best salespeople possible (sales wolves), you will succeed. 

Trust the most advanced sales personality test available today.   

For over 15 years we have studied sales talent. Identifying “sales wolves” is all we do. We are experts in identifying salespeople who have the potential to consistently sell in the top 20 percentile. The salespeople our sales personality assessments identify are not a little better than everyone else — they are profoundly better.

Your future is a direct reflection of who you hire today. If you are committed to being the best — driving sales revenues dramatically higher, you must hire only “sales wolves”.  An interview alone will allow low performers on your team.  A crappy sales personality profile will give you false confidence.  

The clock is ticking.  Time is money.  You cannot afford to waste either.

We understand that finding and hiring the very best sales talent can feel impossible, like finding a needle in a stack of needles.  You need to see what we can see.

The Rainmaker Selection Difference — We use a "Moneyball Approach" to hiring the best salespeople through science, statistics, and patents.  

Our job benchmarking process is patented.

The sales assessments we use are patented and are multi-science.  Our sales personality tests can objectively and accurately identify the Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, and Skills of a candidate.

Our sales personality tests are independently validated with validation backed by brain research.  

The result is you will hire the best salespeople possible who will consistently win.