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We believe that lost potential equates to lost opportunity and that means business suicide.

The potential of your legacy, your company, and your bottom line are a direct reflection of the quality of your salesforce and their ability to execute.

Identify and hire current and future “sales wolves” — the most talented sales talent with unparalleled certainty. Ensure that your most talented salespeople are performing at the top of their game. Locate your weakest links and reboot their development and training.

Sales Selection





Sales Selection

B2C Outside Sales — 500 salespeople

"While our competitors are flat, our earnings are up over 20 percent because we are using the Rainmaker Sales Algorithm to hire only the best salespeople."


Sales Search

B2B Outside Sales — Long Sales Cycle

"Rainmaker identified almost 500 candidates and helped us narrow down to hire the best salesperson.  Eighteen months later, this salesperson is a leading performer."


Sales Performance

B2B Inside Sales

"Rainmaker helped us increase our average sale by over 125 percent in 18 months."

Sales wolves are ferocious; they go for the jugular and eat the competition alive, like a ravenous wolf pursues and devours their prey. These are the elite sales professionals who make personal accountability a core part of their existence and consistently perform at the top 10-20th percentile.

The science and art of selecting sales talent…  At the Rainmaker Group, we are not interested in untested theories. We do not guess who your potential sales wolves are; our “Rainmaker Algorithm” is based on empirical data. Our Rainmaker Algorithm consistently separates the high-risk candidates (bottom line vampires) from the low-risk candidates (wolf-class salespeople) with stunning, consistent statistical accuracy.

We will not help you identify sales talent that is just better-than-average than other salespeople.  We identify salespeople who are profoundly better.

Go ahead. Run our Rainmaker Algorithm against any other sales hiring approach.

Identify Your Sales Wolves

Hire the best salespeople using the most advanced sales personality profile available.

Our Clients trust us to help them search for and recruit only the top sales professionals worthy of the title “sales wolves.” These folks do not fit a traditional definition — they redefine what it means to be salesperson. Our data-driven, evidence-backed Rainmaker Algorithm is our “smart weapon” to laser target and recruit only the best in the industry. The fuel that drives our algorithm is TriMetrix® HD, a highly-validated multi-science sales personality test to identify the unique behaviors, motivators, and acumen of a sales candidate or existing salesperson.

Build Your Wolf Pack

Our sales recruiting is powered by the best sales personality assessment available.