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Since 2001, The Rainmaker Group, Inc. has helped companies carefully design their sales teams to only select Sales Wolves - the best-of-the-best salespeople in the industry. 

Our Clients trust us to help identify, hire, onboard and coach “Sales Wolves.” 

Sharpening your sales team is not just our priority; it is our obsession.

Like you, we are entrepreneurs driven to succeed.

And like you, we hate losing.

The ONLY thing worse than losing a sale is handing a competitor business your sales team should have won.

It’s on you. You are responsible for your company’s success. Every single lousy sales hire damages your credibility and slows down your business model.

Every missed opportunity to inspire and motivate your salespeople to bring their very best damages your credibility and slows down your business model.

We understand the science behind identifying and coaching the best sales talent. 

We use powerful algorithms to objectively-identify the sales personality traits that separate sales wolves from the sheep. We will help you weed out future low performers.

Stop hiring and coaching sales talent based on a “feeling.” 

Our code is simple - In God we trust, everyone else bring data. The fact is, human bias destroys sales and results in poor coaching outcomes.

There is a plethora of mediocre to downright garbage sales personality assessment / aptitude test providers. All profess to be the best.

Stack ours against any available sales personality test available. We aren’t just a little better. We are profoundly better.

The Science of Sales Talent™  

Accuracy is everything. We offer the only multi-science sales personality / aptitude test available with validity backed by brain research.

Sales Selection

Committed or interested:

Which are you? 

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Sales Personality Aptitude Test Sample Assessment


Sales Selection

B2C Outside Sales — 500 salespeople

"While our competitors are flat, our earnings are up over 20 percent because we are using the Rainmaker Sales Algorithm to hire only the best salespeople."


Sales Search

B2B Outside Sales — Long Sales Cycle

"Rainmaker identified almost 500 candidates and helped us narrow down to hire the best salesperson.  Eighteen months later, this salesperson is a leading performer."


Sales Performance

B2B Inside Sales

"Rainmaker helped us increase our average sale by over 125 percent in 18 months."

The success of your company is a direct reflection of the quality of your sales talent and their ability to execute your sales strategy.
The Rainmaker Group helps winning companies identify and hire “sales wolves” — the most successful sales talent in the industry. We help ensure that the most talented salespeople are performing at the top of their game. For some companies, we help locate the weakest links and reboot their development and training.
Most companies don’t understand us until they need us.

Identify Your Sales Wolves

Hire the best salespeople using the most advanced sales personality profile available.
Sales wolves are ferocious; they go for the jugular and eat the competition alive. These are the elite sales professionals who make personal accountability a core part of their existence and consistently perform at the top 10-20 percentile.
The science and art of selecting wolf class sales talent… At the Rainmaker Group, we are not interested in untested theories. We do not guess who your potential sales wolves are; our “Rainmaker Algorithm” is based on data and our experience. Our Rainmaker Algorithm consistently separates the high-risk candidates (future low performers) from the low-risk candidates (wolf-class salespeople) with consistent, statistical accuracy.
We identify true sales wolves who are profoundly better than the rest. The same sales wolves who will deliver extreme value to your Clients and crush your competition.
Need proof? Complete our complimentary Sales Assessment test and compare it against any other sales hiring approach.
We are The Rainmaker Group. And if you are ready to see our passion, we are glad you’re here.

Build Your Wolf Pack

Our sales recruiting is powered by the best sales personality assessment available.