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The definitive way to identify salespeople who consistently win...

Use the ONLY sales personality aptitude test with validity backed by brain research - The TriMetrix® HD.

Discover what sets the TriMetrix® HD apart by completing a complimentary assessment yourself.

Benefits of the TriMetrix® HD Sales Personality Aptitude Test include:

  • Accurately predict future sales performance.
  • Develop customized sales coaching to turbo-charge sales performance.
  • Dramatically increase sales revenue and profitability.

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What to expect after completion of your complimentary Sales TriMetrix®HD Assessment.

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Now the fine print.

The purpose of our complimentary Sales TriMetrix®HD Assessment is to assist decision-makers in evaluating the benefits of this powerful assessment and our services.

We offer a complimentary Sales TriMetrix®HD Assessment for evaluation purposes by decision-makers.  

Please contact us directly at 701-530-0806 if you would like to have more than one existing salesperson complete a sample of our Sales TriMetrix®HD Assessment. 

DO NOT expect the following:

  • Do not expect multiple existing salespeople to complete our complimentary Sales TriMetrix®HD Assessment and receive the report results without communicating with us first.
  • Do not expect a complimentary Sales TriMetrix®HD Assessment for use for sales candidates.


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