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Power of Mindset Power of Mindset

The Power of Mindset in Sales and How to Harness It

The power of mindset in Sales shapes every facet of every business model. This power must be understood and maximized to achieve potential.
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Mindset in Sales

  • What is mindset, really?
  • Mindset is your second most valuable asset.
  • Why sales teams don't discuss mindset at all.
  • Mindset and sales leadership
  • Recruiting a team of sales wolves
  • Turning around a sales team

Subtle Mindset Changes Make a Huge Difference

This is why data analysis comparing sales personality and aptitude results to Key Performance Indicators is essential. There are always, always conditions we refer to as “edge factors” that can make or break a salesperson’s performance.

It is essential to understand these factors in order to learn more from them, screen for them, and then interview, onboard, and coach them where applicable.

The Power of Objectivity
Power of Mindset

The Power of Mindset

Few “experts” cover mindset in sales well. I think in order to truly understand mindset in sales well, one or both of the following must apply: Experience & Data Analysis.

Rather than talk about the warm fuzzy, “feel good” elements of mindset, this piece will dig into the critical components of mindset, and how you can combine the right salespeople, the right leaders, and the right mindset to drive success.

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