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Performance Coaching resized 600The Rainmaker Group understands that strategic talent management includes coaching employees and setting performance goals. When you understand your individual employee’s behaviors, values, and attributes, it is easy to develop the right coaching tools and use solid strategies to improve employee performance.

Here are five attributes which can greatly affect any employee coaching plan & management of performance priorities:

1. Best Fit – Identify how well each employee team member’s personality profile fits the position and identify job fit.

2. Mismatched Behavior – Are there any areas which contribute to team weakness? What identifiable behaviors will lead to successful job performance.

3. Values – Which values are working for the company and the employee? Which values are working against the goals and accomplishments? How clear is everyone about the importance of their role in business success?

4. Attribute Issues – How well employees understand their job and the system they are part of is all part of strategic talent management. How clear is the role in the world and their future to your employees? What factors will best enhance employee performance and lead to bottom line success?

5. Custom Coaching Plan – By identifying job fit and learning about the individual behaviors, values, and attributes which drive employee behavior, The Rainmaker Group will help create a custom coaching plan for individuals and the team itself. By learning more about the Employee Coaching Plan & Managing Performance Priorities, your team will rapidly focus, gain clarity, and work together to enhance ROI and move the needle on the company bottom line.

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