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It is critical to maximize sales performance from day one for two important reasons.

  1. Time is money. The longer it takes for your salesperson to onboard to “cruising altitude”, the longer it takes for you to get your return on investment.
  2. Shape strong sales performance habits and culture. Good salespeople need to be channeled – to build the appropriate habits to support sales and your desired sales culture.

The Rainmaker Group’s Sales Acceleration Program provides a measured, repeatable, and CONSISTENT onboarding / coaching experience that ensures the salesperson and the sales manager achieve the best possible success.

We provide:

  • Sales Performance SWOT – Review the each salesperson’s mindset,  adoption of sales philosophy / processes, sales expectations, and identify position accountabilities.
  • Sales Forecasting – Establish objective short and long-term goals for improved sales performance.
  • Performance Accountability – Facilitate structured dialogues to evaluate current activity levels, results, and areas for improvement.
  • Customized Accountability Plans – Develop a coaching plan based upon the unique Behavior / Values / Acumen combination of the salesperson.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased Sales Outcomes – Improved ability to achieve and exceed quota consistently. Effectively-coached salespeople increase sales production by 20% (Sales Executive Council).
  • Increased Motivation and Retention – Customized coaching leads to increased sales activities, engagement, and retention.