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How many more mediocre salespeople do you need to hire before you make a change?

Our sales personality test and sales hiring algorithm is an absolute game changer. You will not find a more predictive tool.

The Rainmaker Sales Personality Test and Sales Hiring Algorithm is a game-changing "Moneyball Strategy" you need to consistently win sales at a level you have never previously achieved.

There are dozens of sales personality tests available in the marketplace today. Few are more predictive than a coin toss. Few are independently validated. Some sales personality tests may actually discriminate against protected classes and could get you sued.

Since 2000 we have studied what makes top-performing salespeople and sales managers "tick". After thousands of assessments, debriefs, and countless hours of analysis, we definitively know "wolf class" sales talent.

"Wolf class" salespeople perform in the top 20th percentile of all salespeople on a consistent basis.

  • How many true "wolf class" salespeople do you have on your team?
  • How well does your sales personality test distinguish a "wolf class" salesperson from a well-prepared poser?

Sales teams that win consistently have two things in common — an intense desire to win and a passion to seek out and hire only "wolf class" salespeople.

If you are a CEO, VP of Sales, or a Sales Manager with career and income aspirations far greater than currently enjoyed, contact us today to complete your complementary sales personality assessment. Our best Clients are never satisfied with the status quo. Our best Clients are truth seekers. Our best Clients are innate artisans — always telling their story by how they do what they do.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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