5 Signs your Sales Culture is a Dumpster Fire

by Joe Jones

Merriam Webster formally added "dumpster fire" to their online dictionary this week.  

Dumpster Fire 2.png

While it has been casually used for many years to describe struggling sports franchises, politics, as well as personal relationships gone awry, the term resonates very well with certain Sales Cultures.

What contributes to a Dumpster Fire Sales Culture?

If you have ever been a part of a “Dumpster Fire” Sales Culture you don’t have to think too long to come up with some examples of what contributes.  Here are 5 that made our list.  

  1. Hiring team members who are not wired for the job from the start.
  2. Ongoing poor performers are not held accountable for specific results, or performance managed to address deficiencies.
  3. Sales team members who are unable to articulate the 3-4 Key Accountabilities of their job (along with the specific activities that drive those accountabilities).
  4. Compensation is not tied to performance. Poor sales performers are paid the same, or on par with strong sales performers.
  5. Lack of communication, or miscommunication between sales management and team members. New directives should not be passed down via the “Telephone Game”.  Leaders must be clear and concise.