Is Your Sales Culture WINNING?

by Chris Young

What is the Culture or mindset of your sales team?

Are they playing to win?  Or are your sales team members playing "not to lose"?

I have seen both types of sales Cultures.  One is much more fun and time flies at work, while the other is energy-draining and the sales team consists of clock watchers. 

The "winning" sales Culture talks about what is possible - about what can be done.  The discussions are energetic - focused on the future.

The "playing not to lose" sales Culture talks about the past - about protecting marketing share - protecting the status quo. 

In a "competitor from hell" situation where two companies offer the same product / service - which sales team is going to win?  That is correct.  The sales Culture that is playing to win is going to take more risks and recover when they lose deals.  They are naturally going to rise above short-term stumbles.

Playing to win sales teams attract sales team members who are wired for winning. 

The sales Culture that is playing not to lose is worried about preservation of status quo and is more likely to have difficulty recovering from setbacks. 

Playing not to lose sales teams attract sales team members who are wired to avoid losing.

Which are you?

Charlie Sheen has the attitude of WINNING . . . However, your sales team's winning attitude will get them much more success than Charlie's.

Has your sales team lost their mojo?  Is it time to get it back?

Change your language - change your focus - Change Your Culture to win rather than avoid losing. 

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