Confident business saleswoman modeling personal accountability

Action Defeats Victim Thinking

by Chris Young

No better high and (sometimes) no worse low.

The sales profession is a mental "grind" filled with rejection, setback and disappointment.Confident sales woman models personal accountability

Winning is the ultimate mindset recovery - followed by rest, weekends and encouragement. 

I am passionate about this profession.

This pandemic crisis is perhaps the ultimate mojo thief.

With human and financial losses mounting and the future less clear, Customers and Prospects are canceling meetings, postponing purchases and outright disappearing.

The wins are fewer and further between.

This pandemic crisis is testing the mojo limits of many a Sales Wolf.

Stop crying.

Do something.

Take action.

Not everyone is going to make it to the other side. Only the strongest who adapt their mindset and tactics will make it.

You must do everything possible to shape your mindset and that of your sales team to beat this pandemic crisis.  

Shore up your mojo.

The ultimate mojo protection hack...

Personal Accountability. 

Almost twenty years ago a good friend told me to read "QBQ - The Question Behind The Question" by author John Miller.

60 minutes =  life transformed. 

Get your copy now to acquire all of the powerfully simple mindset hacks of personal accountability. 

One of John Miller's powerful QBQ! tips follow. (Read the book to learn the others).

Action defeats victim thinking.

I study Sales Wolves to learn their mindset hacks.

What do true Sales Wolves have in common? They never stop working - grinding  - trying / doing / testing something.

Sales Wolves never give up.

They take action regardless of the bleakness of the situation.

I have experienced this power personally. When I look back through my sales career, I have learned again and again that when the chips are down, doing something is always better than doing nothing.


No matter how bad a situation seems to be, there is always something that can be done to move the ball forward.

Following are the very words of John Miller (pages 87-88, Chapter 29 from QBQ!)

QBQ! Action defeats victim thinking

What actions will you and your team take right now?

Celebrate the small wins during this crisis.

You may not win the sale today, but you can win their hearts and respect.

My personal philosophy is to engage and encourage my Prospects and best Clients. I am committed to creating as much value for those I am privileged to serve as I am able.

I will help my Clients not only survive but to thrive. 

We will each get our due on the other end.

See you on the other side.