Wolf Class CEO Leader of the best Salespeople - Sales Wolves

Are you credible, candid, confident, a believer and a hustler?

by Chris Young

Definition of a Sales Wolf.

A Sales Wolf has the capacity - the experience, background, education and MINDSET to consistently perform in the top 20th percentile of all salespeople in your industry. CEO business woman who leads salespeople who are Sales Wolves

Sales Wolves bring in 80 percent of the results. Think Pareto Principle.

If you are playing-to-win, you will drain your industry dry of every single Sales Wolf.

In fact, you will not rest until:

  • Your team is only comprised of Sales Wolves.
  • Every Sales Wolf in your industry is on your team.

Rowing is not enough.

Rowing effectively is essential.

What are you doing to help your Sales Wolves row effectively with everything they have right now?

It is not enough to "row" - to be actively doing something right now to fight through this incredible challenge. One must "row" effectively via mindset.

How you and your sales team "row" right now through your individual and collective mindsets will be the essential edge that takes your team through this storm and shapes your future on the other side.

Your salespeople must know there is a due north - that life will return to a new normal - whatever that new normal will be.

Your sales team - especially your Sales Wolves - must have resolute confidence in you and your ability to guide them through this storm.

No, you do not need to have all of the answers. That might actually cause fear. However, you must embody the following four mindsets to effectively guide your sales team through this storm.

You must be:

  • Credible.
  • Candid.
  • Confident Believer.
  • Grinder / Hustler / Fast Feedback Looper.


The best-of-the-best salespeople - Sales Wolves will not respect sales management who are not themselves a Sales Wolf.

Sales Wolves only respect and learn from Sales Wolves.

Iron sharpens iron.

Sales Wolves expect a Sales Wolf manager to push, lead, manage and hold them accountable to the highest standard of performance and behavior.

If you are not able to go toe-to-toe strategically and mentally with your Sales Wolves, they will lose their faith in you.

Be credible.


Sales Wolves do not respect warm and fuzzy.

Sales Wolves expect the facts.

Sales Wolves expect to know the precise condition of the "ship" at all times.

Candor is speed and speed is essential right now.

You must be candid about the:

  • Global situation.
  • Your company's competitive situation.
  • Each team member's performance and how to improve.
  • The collective performance of the team and how to improve.

Triple down on what is working.

Stop what is not working.

Confident Believer

You must be confident in the business model and passionately believe in what your products/services do for your Clients.

Are you confident in your business model? Do you believe in what your products/services do for your Clients?

If not, neither will your Sales Wolves.

You must also have confidence and belief in every single salesperson on your team. If you do not, your non-belief will create doubt and doubt is poison.

Doubt is kryptonite to morale and credibility.

Get confident and believe in every sales team member or help them find another opportunity elsewhere.

Grinder / Hustler / Fast Feedback Looper

Sales Wolves are grinders, hustlers, and feedback loopers.

Grinders grind. Grinders push through the pain - the pain of social rejection - the pain of losing to fine the win.

Hustlers hustle. Hustlers are continuously seeking new opportunities to create extreme value.

Feedback loopers are constantly tweaking their approach looking for the "edge" - a hack that wins. Winning hacks are adopted and standardized. Feedback loopers are always responsibly experimenting.

Sales Wolves embody grinding, hustling and feedback looping. To not only win today and tomorrow's challenges and their respect, you must do likewise.

Wolf Class CEOs and sales managers always lead the way through difficult times.

It Is Time to Be Wolf Class

Correction. It is ALWAYS time to be Wolf Class. Being Wolf Class in leadership and management is a mindset.

Now is your time.

Your Sales Wolves need you and your mindset now more than ever. Your Sales Wolves need you to bring your expertise, spirit and camaraderie.

Bring it.

See you on the other side.