Are Your Salespeople Working Hard or Hardly Working?

by Chris Young - The Rainmaker

Blind faith is not a strategy.

Do you know, I mean really know just how hard a particular salesperson is working?

Or does making quota serve as a proxy that your salespeople are putting in their time? Are_your_salespeople_really_working_or_are_they_doing_something_else.jpg

That is blind faith.

Many in sales management operate on blind faith. In fact, it seems that many believe reviewing activity levels as a sign of distrust and disrespect.

This mindset speaks volumes about the sales manager, the salesperson and the culture of the sales team.



The three kinds of data you need.

You need the following three kinds of data to maximize sales performance.

  1. Actual sales.
  2. Activity tracking.
  3. Job Fit.

Notice my carefuly choice of words. "To maximize sales performance."

The primary purpose of gathering this type of data is to identify ways to maximize your sales team's performance, not catch someone stealing time.

You should be gathering and analyzing data as a best practice.

The truth always comes out when you compare actual sales, activity tracking and the job fit of your salespeople, those who are stealing time quickly stand out.

Now is a good time to explain...  


The four types of salespeople.

Sales teams have some combination of the following four types of salespeople:

  1. High job fit salespeople who are crushing the ball (obviously desired).
  2. High job fit salespeople who are barely getting by (help them climb).
  3. Low job fit salespeople who are crushing the ball (identify their secret sauce).
  4. Low job fit salespeople who are barely getting by (provide career counseling). 

Complete a mental list of your salespeople. How would you classify each salesperson?

Chances are you are being too generous.


Example: The salesperson who was paid to start their own company.  

Recently our analysis helped a company make a startling discovery. This company had a particular salesperson who was not meeting expectations.

This salesperson flew beneath the radar. Their sales performance wasn't so poor that they were in trouble.

Interestingly, sales personality testing indicated this particular salesperson was of high job fit. This salesperson should have been crushing the ball. Yet this salesperson was not doing well at all. 

With a little detective work (LinkedIn) and a few direct questions, the company discovered this salesperson was actually building their own business when they were supposed to be selling.


Clarity creates action.

Once the data was analyzed, the sales manager was able to engage this particular salesperson to have a pointed discussion. In addition, this awareness created accountability for the sales manager to help the salesperson perform to their potential.


How many of your salespeople are maximizing their potential?


Until you compare sales production, activity levels and the sales personalities of each salesperson, you will not have the clarity to incrementally improve sales outcomes.

Sales Personality Aptitude Test Sample Assessment

The analysis...

Is quite simple. If you need a hand, call us. We can quickly show you how to complete simple data analysis. It is asonishingly easy-to-do. You just have to...




What you do or do not do shapes the company you become.

Carefully decide what kind of sales team you wish to have and take decisive action.