Artisans Are Never Needy

by Chris Young

Neediness equals weakness

Are your salespeople needy?

Needy salespeople are losers.  They need to sell their product / service / experience more than their Customer needs to buy them.  


Needy salespeople "differentiate" only on price because they are lazy, know no better or they represent a commodity.  

Personally, I avoid needy salespeople.  There is a desperation and lack of quality that I cannot allow myself to become a part of.  I run from needy salespeople.

Recently I re-read Oren Klaff's book "Pitch Anything".  Put "Pitch Anything" on your short list of must read books.  In Chapter Six - Eradicating Neediness, Klaff shares, "Plain and simple, neediness equals weakness."

Did you get that?  "Neediness equals weakness."

You have a choice.  Be Artisan or be needy.  

Be Artisan

My Dad instilled in me...  If you are going to do anything - do it amazingly well - be an Artisan.  He instilled in me that there is a truth in being the best. If you are a mechanic, be uncompromisingly the best.  If you make bread, make it amazing.  If you are a consultant, be Artisan.  

An Artisan is the standard competitors are compared to.  

If you are not an Artisan in your craft, then you are needy.  It is a universal truth.  Your Customers will not respect you like they respect an Artisan.  You will often beg for business.  You will compete on price rather than value.  You will get the second and third tier Customers who care more about getting a deal than getting Artisan. And you will hire needy salespeople who lose.

Artisans have the following in common.  


  • Shape their future and that of others.  
  • Never compromise their product / service / experience for a buck.
  • Care passionately about who will use their product / service.
  • Are not influenced by the Customer when designing their product / service / experience.    
  • Charge a significant premium in exchange for the product / service / experience.

Apple, Audi, and George T. Stagg bourbon are "top shelf" brands.  They are THE standard.  They embodywhat it means to be Artisan.  Others attempt to mimic them but fall short.  Apple, Audi, and George T. Stagg do not compromise their standards for anyone.  

There are no cheap versions of Apple, Audi, nor George T. Stagg bourbon.  

George T. Stagg is Artisan

Perhaps you have not heard of George T. Stagg bourbon.  If so, I am sorry to hear that.  

There are those who believe all whiskey - all bourbon tastes like gasoline.  I used to as well until a very good friend showed me how to enjoy fine bourbon and scotch.  George T. Stagg is a bourbon steeped in tradition - aged for 15 years - uncut from the barrel - like George T. Stagg is mind blowing.  George T. Stagg was born in 1835 and his life, passion, and craft was whiskey.  Today, George T. Stagg is a bourbon that is quite difficult to get, uncompromising, and phenomenal.  If you find a bottle, call me and I will gladly buy it from you.  

Audi is Artisan

Have you ever driven an Audi?  I drove an Audi S8 a couple years ago.  That car has since greeted me in my dreams.  I can still hear the growl of the engine.  It is truly like no other car I have ever driven.  use_a_sales_personality_aptitude_test_to_identify_artisan_salespeopleThe engineering is profound.  The beauty of the interior is exquisite...  Soon I will have one or two or three...  

Apple is Artisan

Apple creates products that shape lives and industries.  And they are definitely not pursuing everyone hoping they will buy an iPhone, iPad, or a MacBook.  Apple sells to those who sense the care Apple provides through the products / services they sell.  Steve Jobs was an Artisan's Artisan.  

Eight Steps To Becoming Truly Artisan

  1. Decide to be Artisan.
  2. Determine your legacy.  Decide to become who you must be and who you will become.  
  3. Shape your product / service / experience to be truly Artisan.
  4. Be exclusive.  Decide who your Customers are and who they are not. 
  5. Hire and retain only Artisan salespeople - "sales wolves" - the best-of-the-best.  Use the only sales personality aptitude test with validity backed by brain research.
  6. Price to value.  Price is what you pay - value is what you get.  
  7. Decide to never negotiate the non-negotiables.  Commit to who you are, what your product/service is and who your Customers will be.
  8. Sell only to your Target Persona.  Never allow a Customer who does not appreciate your craft to buy your product / service / experience.  

Step 1 is the most important step.  Most everyone wants to be the best.  Few decide to be the best and fully commit.  

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Don Draper is not needy

I love Don Draper's approach to sales.  Don Draper is Artisan. He knows who to sell to.  He knows who to not sell to. Check out this video clip where he decides to not work with a particularly prospect.  You and your salespeople need to be more like Don Draper.  

Don Draper is not needy.