Black Swan Events require bold action.

Black Swan Events Require Bold Action

by Chris Young

Welcome to your Black Swan Event.

Navigating change

According to Investopedia

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.


Now is your time for Bold Action

What you do right now will shape your destiny and that of your team and company.

Think trajectory. 

What we know about human nature during times of crisis: 

  • Most freeze in the face of uncertainty. It is human nature. 
  • Many are cutting headcount including - high performers - high potentials are being cut along with low performers.

Do not panic. Consider the facts that matter. 

Five facts.

  1. No one knows how long this crisis will last. No one. This crisis could last three months (doubtful) or 18 months (more likely). 
  2. Profits = Total Revenue - Total Costs. Always. Maximize your revenue. Lower your costs. Now.
  3. Twenty percent of your Customers bring in eighty percent of the profits (Pareto Principle).  
  4. Price is what is paid. Value is what is received. People get this or they do not. Focus on those who get value.
  5. Companies and employee team members who create / add the most value will win.

Recognize and embrace these facts.

Your future depends on YOU taking bold action right now.


What you must do right now to thrive - not just survive.

This is your opportunity to take bold action.

Take bold action by identifying the:

  • Precious few Customers / Prospects who truly have the capacity to get you and your value proposition.
  • Talent that creates / adds the most value relative to others on your team.
Take bold action to identify, attract and hire the very best talent in your industry. 

Twenty percent of your Customers bring in eighty percent of your profits.

Twenty percent* of your team members are responsible for eighty percent of the productivity / sales.

Twenty percent* of salespeople bring in eighty percent of the profits. Who are these twenty percent on your team? Who are they in your industry? 

*Remember. Your objective is to have the best-of-the-best talent in your industry on your team - be it salespeople, accounting, truck drivers, customer service - the top twenty percentile of your industry... Do not rest until you do.  

Alamo up / strengthen your tribe. 

Engage your top twenty percentile Customers. Let your best Customers know you are there for them and not just to sell them something. Your best Customers must know you have their backs by providing them extreme value.

Demonstrate to your best Customers that they are part of your tribe.

Engage your best talent. Demonstrate to them that they are part of your tribe. Your best talent must know that when the crisis is at the worst, you have their backs. They are part of your tribe.

And take a good look around at the best talent in your industry. Now is exactly the best time to expand your tribe through the best talent available in your industry.

We will get through this.


Call on us.