Company Culture - All Problems Start At The Head

by Chris Young

Interested people do what is convenient.

Committed people do whatever it takes.Company Culture resized 600

Which are you?  Interested or committed?

Which are your employee team members?  Interested or committed?

Are you developing incredible strategy but failing to execute because you do not have the guts to demand employee performance?  Do you have the wrong people on the bus?  Do you have lousy systems - lousy process - lousy strategy?

Or do you have the incapacity to accept mediocrity?

Over the years I have seen a lot of interested people trying to make culture change happen - make sales happen - shape the future - execute strategy.  Most people fail because they are interested in results - but not committed.  

Interested people do what is convenient - they keep the wrong people - they look the other way when employees fail to perform - they fail to expect consistent results - and they always fail to achieve the best results possible.

It's your life.  Commit.  If people are not doing their jobs - stop protecting them - stop rewarding them for failure.  If your systems are in disarray - clean them up.  If your strategy is not getting the results you seek - change it.  Now.   

All problems start at the head of the company. If your team - your company is failing to perform - it is your fault.

Change your game before someone else does.

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