Hiring Sales People? Never Poison Your Culture With Losers

by Chris Young

Over the last twelve years I have seen a lot of interesting sales teams.  I have seen "super freak sales teams" where everyone fits the job and they make tremendous sales numbers reality.  This is rare.  Very rare.  I have seen sales teams where starting over is the best strategy.  This is rare as well.

Most sales teams are "in the middle" somewhere - they have sales team members who fit the job well and those who do not.

One might think that would be acceptable - to have a "mix" of sales talent.  But here is the problem.  

  • Low Job Fit sales people cannot sell effectively.  
  • High Job Fit sales people have the potential to sell effectively but will only sell well if the environment they are in pushes them to do so.  

What happens when you mix hot water with cold?  You get luke warm water.  Sales teams work similarly.  

Sales Team PoisonDue to human nature, high job fit sales people want to beat the competition.  And if their fellow sales team members - the "competition" are "losers"...  The high Job Fit sales team member will not sell as much as they could or would if they competed against other "sales freaks".  

Therefore...  Never hire low Job Fit sales people.  Ever.  Never poison your sales culture with sales losers.  And if you believe you have a good gut instinct for hiring the best sales people without a valid sales personality test - you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

The most strategic sales-driven companies I know who are committed to - not interested in - sales excellence - use the best sales personality test avaiable to identify the best possible sales talent.

They do not stop there.

Strategic sales-driven companies are committed to:

  • Setting high activity expectations. 
  • Holding each and every sales team member accountable.
  • Creating and shaping a coaching / mentoring program.
How would you score yourself in the selection of the best sales talent possible, setting expectations, accountability, and coaching?
  • If you were to get serious about any one of the above, your sales would increase - potentially dramatically.
  • If you were to get serious about all of the above - and you should - your sales has the potential to double or more.
  • What are you committed to?  The status quo or creating a memorable story?
Also...  An interesting read for you...  A good friend and collaborator - Brent Patmos shares my feelings exactly with regard to Selling as a Team Sport.