Is Your Sales Team Evolving or Dying?

by Chris Young - The Rainmaker

If you are not evolving, you are dying.

The_Status_Quo_Can_Never_Be_Good_Enough_For_Your_Sales_Team.jpgDear CEO / VP of Sales / Sales Manager...  

Your salespeople do what you do.

You are either evolving or dying; one or the other.Tweet: You are either evolving or dying #saleswolves #sales @therainmaker

Be the competitor from hell by continuously-improving sales hiring, sales training, sales process, sales culture and sales coaching.

Whether you are the CEO, VP of Sales, or a Sales Manager, you have the power to dramatically influence your sales team. In fact, your sales team mirrors your mindset.


The status quo is a burning platform...

The status quo is not your friend.Tweet: The status quo is not your friend. #saleswolves #sales @therainmaker The status quo is quicksand that can suck you in and destroy your destiny and the potential of your sales team. 

The strategically-smartest people I know are seekers. They are never satisfied. They are always looking for the extra edge in identifying the best-of-the-best sales talent.

There is always, always, always a better way, better strategy and better execution than the status quo. 


Take inventory.

Inventory yourself in the following sales strategy areas:

  1. Sales hiring strategy
  2. Sales onboarding, coaching and retention.
  3. Sales training program.
  4. Sales processes.
  5. Sales culture.

When is the last time you attended a webinar, read a book, and/or spoke with an expert in any of these five essential areas?


Do not wait for an obvious problem to compel action. 

The worst time to take action is when your back is up against the wall. It is always preferable to take action when it is under your terms.

Your competitors from hell are evolving.Tweet: Your competitors from hell are evolving #saleswolves #sales @therainmaker

Your reputation and career will only benefit by continuosly-improving these above-mentioned areas.


Don't wait. Take action now. 

After inventorying your current situation, take action. 

Many in your shoes wait until it is too late to make changes. Many wait until their backs are up against a wall.

Right now is the perfect time to improve your sales strategy. Chances are that "found money" will finance your endeavor. Found money are dollars saved or gained when better salespeople are hired and salespeople become more efficient and effective.

If it has been a long time since you last looked at any or all of these five sales acceleration areas, begin with improving sales hiring strategy. No strategy creates more extreme value than the quality of salespeople you hire, onboard, coach and retain.

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