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Seven Sales Manager Habits That Sabotage Success

by Chris Young - The Rainmaker

All problems start at the head.  Seven Ways Sales Managers Sabotage Success.jpg

A strong sales manager will propel your sales team forward. 

A lousy sales manager will destroy sales potential.

The sales manager sets the tone.

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The truth about mediocrity.

I would like to believe no manager asks themselves, "How do I reduce or destroy sales performance?" or "How do I create a mediocre sales team?"

The truth is mediocrity comes naturally. Human beings are comfort-seeking creatures.

Unless you are taking the necessary steps and precautions, mediocrity will naturally creep in. 


I carefully chose the word, "sabotage".

You are either moving forward or backward.

If you are not improving, you are setting the stage for mediocrity. If you are not on a path of continuous self reflection, accountability and improvement, you are on a mediocrity path.

If your sales manager is not "wired" in terms of the required Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen and Competencies to do the job well, they are destined to sabotage your sales

It is a certainty.

A high job fit sales manager naturally seeks to improve. When a high job fit sales manager loses, they use fast feedback loops to continuously improve. They autopsy failures as well as successes to identify how to improve. 

Low job fit sales managers are guardians of the status quo and the result is sabotage. 


The seven habits that sabotage sales manager success.

Sales managers sabotage the success of their sale team by:

  1. Hiring salespeople who are not sales wolves - Selection.
  2. Creating a sales culture that sales wolves loath - Culture.
  3. Failing to set the tone and standard during the critical first 90 days - Onboarding.
  4. Using the same coaching strategy with every salesperson - Coaching.
  5. Fostering a fixed mindset where challenges, feedback and competition are reduced or avoided -  Mindset.
  6. Running and gunning without structure and accountability - Systems.
  7. Failing to pay salespeople what they are worth - Compensation.

Each method of sabotage is intricately linked to one or more of the others.


The truth about sales management.

Sales managers do what their VP of Sales and ultimately the CEO allow and/or encourage them to.


Take action now.

This is your legacy. Whether you are the CEO, VP of Sales, a seasoned sales manager or new, this is your opportunity. While the seven sabotage areas may seem complicated, they are only if you believe them to be.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. 

It's on you.

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