The Shocking Truth About Corporate Culture and Performance

by Chris Young

describe the imageThough it may not seem like it, company culture is one of the most important factors to determine your success. As Rob Goffee, American business consultant states, "A company's culture is often buried so becomes transparent to an organization's members only when, for some reason, it changes." Here at Rainmaker we help you define your company culture so that you can find the talent that you need to succeed in the workforce. This talent also needs that to clearly convey what you stand for as a company. Without a meshing of the two, the goals of your company will quickly and easily become lost.

Individuals that are fully aware of and line with company culture are the driving force behind successful companies. Though many people look to sales, customer base, products and services as reasons an organization may succeed or fail, few look to the individuals that are actually responsible for these factors. The team members in your company move sales and ultimately  the company's goals. When these individuals are not on in line with the organizational culture, or it is not clearly defined, organizational goals will not be met.

Numerous studies have proven the connection between corporate culture and performance.  Academics John Kotter and James Heskett defined the necessity of a clearly defined organizational culture in their book Corporate Culture and Performance. The book was the result of case studies on Fortune 500 and Blue Chip companies including Hewlett Packard, Nissan, and Xerox.The book outlines both the success and decline of companies that chose to define their company culture and ignore it respectively. Specifically cultures that are open to change will result in success and promote ownership among all employees are highly successful.

In a corporate culture that truly promotes success no one is left behind- owners, employees and consumers all win. Are your employees a part of your corporate culture?  Defining your company culture and acquiring talent in line with these standards is vital to your success. When you have talent that identifies the same goals and makes them a priority, your company will see a higher ROI.

Here are the top 4 things you should do to align corporate culture and performance.

-Define company culture and goals

-Acquire talent that aligns with your goals

-Motivate and retain talent that you acquire

-Develop an efficient plan to meet or exceed your ROI goals

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