Sales Managers: Top 4 Sales Articles You Must Read to Increase Sales

by Chris Young

It is time to end the ill feeling in your gut because you know deep down inside that you stand no chance at meeting your goals this quarter. What can you do? You feel you've tried everything, but, in all honesty, what needs to be done to increase sales numbers is not done because you, someone above you, or sheer stupidity is standing in the way. Significant changes need to be made, but the work and headache that come with that change will not be endured by the mediocre. Only those who are committed and have what Chief Rainmaker Chris Young calls the "Get It Mentality" will do the dirty work to increase sales.

Read these articles or at least some of them. Then, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to tolerate and work with a sales team who is just . . . . mediocre. Decide to be on the right side of the spectrum.

5 Signs Your Sales Team Probably Sucks

Before you can end the quarter with high sales, you will have to identify how good or bad your sales team really is. Although all sales teams have some level of dysfunction, too much dysfunction can send sales numbers to an all time low. Read more to find out if your sales team sucks.

The Nice Guy Finishes Last, Especially in Outside Sales

While the "nice" guy is great in many professions, they will always finish last in outside sales. They may get hired because they are likeable, but when put out in the market, they fail to deliver and ultimately finish last. There are several things you can do to ensure you get the right person in your outside sales role.  Read more about it here.

How to Make Change Possible with Your Sales Team

Making a sales transformation is difficult, especially if you have many team members who resist the change. Often times, those who resist change are those who are causing the problems in the first place. You will have to make tuff decisions if you want to make any real change, and it may mean ridding of those protecting the status quo. Find out how one of our Client's faced this challenge in making a sales transformation.

Growing Your Salesforce Doesn't Mean You Will Grow Sales

Contrary to popular belief, growing your salesforce does not equate to more sales.  Often times, more headache is the result. Why? If your sales team sucks right now, it is probably because you or someone before you did a poor job in hiring.  If you hire this way again, you will only get more bad salespeople.  Learn how to grow sales without growing in numbers here.

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