Why Don Draper Does Not Need A Resume'

by Chris Young - The Rainmaker

Supply and demand.

Few true Don Drapers exist.

Do you have an eye for the very best?

Like you, I appreciate artisan quality- especially damn good bourbon, scotch, and fine automobiles. There IS a difference. When I smell artisan quality, I sense the kind of care not found elsewhere and I am willing to invest in it.

Recently, the new Audi R8 caught my eye in the May 2015 issue of Car and Driver. Apparently the R8 was "crafted from the rib of the Lamborghini Gallardo."

I don't know what that tastes like, but I want one. Go take a look.

Do you think Audi needs a resume' for the R8?  Me neither...  The head turns and the reputation of Audi and the R8 do all the selling.

The best salespeople are hunted by smart executives. It is little supply and much demand.


You don't need a salesperson's resume' to know that they are kicking your ass.

Who are your competitors from hell?  Who wins the business you wish you had by seemingly doing everything right?

What are the names of your competitor's top salespeople and why aren't they selling for you?


Stop reading this and answer the questions. Then do something about it!


NOTHING matters more than the quality of your sales talent.

A crappy salesperson will commoditize any product or service. Crappy salespeople take credit they do not deserve. Crappy salespeople are a time suck for management and they destroy Customer value.  

The real difference between you and your competition boils down to the quality of your sales talent. The company with the sales team with the most Don Drapers wins. Period!

How many Don Drapers are in your industry and how many of them are on your sales team? You must know the answer to these questions!

If you are serious about winning, you must know objectively exactly how good the best salespeople in your industry truly are.  Warm fuzzies and bullshit interviews aside, if you are serious about winning, you must study your sales talent at a level of incredible detail.  You must use the only sales personality test with validity backed by brain research to know precisely how much potential each salesperson has.

Interviews are ineffective. Resume's can be prettied up and embellished. While many salespeople may dress like Don Draper, very few can sell like him.  


Building a powerful sales team of Don Drapers begins with YOUR mindset.

Chances are your current sales hiring program is attracting volumes of crappy salespeople because that is all that are left. 

All problems start at the head - YOUR HEAD! You shape your sales culture by how you think. If you play not to lose, you will hire losers! THIS IS A UNIVERSAL TRUTH! 

If you play to win, then you shall only hire winners. Change your hiring game to hire only winners!  


The four critical mindset factors you need now.

  1. Use a valid sales personality and aptitude test to objectively assess every single Don Draper salesperson in your industry
  2. Hire every single Don Draper salesperson you can find - regardless of whether you need them or not
  3. Move from attracting ideal candidates to PURSUING only Don Drapers
  4. Don't go around HR, go THROUGH HR; if HR will not get on board, then FIRE HR

What do you need to change in YOUR mindset to get your sales hiring program on track to hire Don Drapers?



What will your legacy be? 

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