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Your Assistant Is No Longer Welcome Here.

Posted by Chris Young - The Rainmaker

Jul 26, 2017 6:00:00 AM

It's a well-known fact: a good assistant is worth their weight in gold.

The value of a good assistant is maximized when they complete the tasks they are most-qualified to handle.  Frustrated assistant researching sales personality testing online.jpg

However, there is a fine line between utilizing your assistant and having your assistant do your job.

Let's discuss a few scenarios.

Imagine feeling ill.

You experienced discomfort in your chest...

  • Would you send your assistant to your physician to describe your symptoms?
  • Would your assistant know your medical history?
  • Would your physician run some tests on your assistant to properly diagnose your issue?
  • Would your physician give your assistant a syringe to obtain a blood sample?

Of course not.

Imagine having a pressing legal question.

Perhaps you have a problem employee and it's complicated (after all, problem employees are always complicated).

  • Would you send your assistant to your lawyer to get their advice?

Of course not. Your assistant is not going to have the same perspective you have.

Imagine needing tax advice.

  • Would you send your assistant to your accountant to discuss a complicated tax situation?
  • Would your assistant have the perspective and information necessary to properly convey your financial situation?

Of course not.

Imagine needing help with sales hiring or sales coaching advice.

Would you send your assistant to a sales performance consultant to discuss a strategic sales hiring / coaching situation without your qualified perspective?

Would your assistant have the perspective necessary to properly convey your situation, concerns and questions to a sales performance consultant so that they may receive relevant, effective advice?

Keep your assistant as your assistant.

If your assistant enjoys working for and respects you, they want to be viewed as indispensible.

If given the task to research a sales hiring assessment tool, a good assistant will likely do the following:

  1. Google "sales personality testing"
  2. Call the 800 number on the website and ask the voice on the other end, "How much for your sales personality test?"
  3. When the voice on the other end attempts to ask qualifying questions like a good sales professional should, your assistant will awkwardly answer the questions to the best of their ability to try and get pricing information

It quickly becomes clear that your assistant does not have the same perspective you do.

Therefore the only thing left for assistant to discuss is price.

The Hail Mary.

On December 28, 1975 the famous quarterback, Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys introduced the world to the "Hail Mary" - the last second desperation pass. Our sales consultants used to use a similar "Hail Mary" approach when dealing with your assistant. When you sales assistant called, they had really no real understanding of your complicated world. All we could hope for was that you would read our "Hail Mary" proposal that contained general information and a broad investment range for a product / service combination that we hoped would solve your problem.

What your assistant (and you) really want(ed) was a cheap price.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Your assistant will not get Hail Mary sales proposals from The Rainmaker Group.jpg

We choose not to play.

Your business is unique. Your competition, your industry and your hiring challenges are all specific to your company. At The Rainmaker Group, we do not advocate a "one size fits all approach" for each of our Clients.

To offer a proposal or a price without understanding your unique situation is disrespectful to you, your company and to our profession.

We must understand your problem before recommending a customized solution.

Therefore, effective immediately, The Rainmaker Group will no longer engage your assistant to provide anything more than available meeting times for a discovery call.

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