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Your Sales Team's Mindset: Your Most Valuable Asset

by Chris Young

Your most valuable asset is not your equipment, nor your real estate, nor your trademarks nor your intellectual property.

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Your most valuable asset is the mindset of your sales team. 

The Cambridge Dictionary describes mindset as: "A person's way of thinking and their opinions."

There is a direct correlation between the strength of your sales team's mindset and your sales.

If your sales team has the mindset of playing to win, they will win more sales.

The best way to increase sales is to maximize your sales team's mindset.

The key to maximizing your sales team's mindset.

The key to maximizing your sale team's mindset is choosing to hire only Sales Wolves.

"Sales Wolves" have the sales personality and background to consistently perform in top 20 percentile.

Sales Wolves play to win.

Sales Wolves typically outsell the bottom 20 percentile by a multiple of 10-20x.

If profit and Customer value maximization are true objectives for you, then you must only hire Sales Wolves and leave the rest to your competitors.

The five essential elements to maximizing sales performance.

Which of the following are you strong in?

Which need improvement?

Do you...

  1. Only hire Sales Wolves who have the requisite sales personality combination to sell in the top 20th percentile (Job Fit)?
  2. Only hire Sales Wolves who fit your sales hiring scorecard?
  3. Onboard every new sales hire in a systematic, structured manner in order to maximize sales performance optimization?
  4. Set standards and hold sales team members accountable for achieving sales activity and performance objectives?
  5. Customize coaching using personality / aptitude test results?

Interested or Committed?

Interested people do what is convenient. Committed people do whatever it takes.

the pig is committed while the chicken is interested.jpg

Everyone wants to look like they are committed but actions speak louder than words.

Unfortunately, most companies settle for "good enough" rather than do whatever it takes to hire just the Sales Wolves.

When given the choice, most CEOs and Sales VPs will yield to one or both of the following as a reason why they cannot hire only Sales Wolves:

  • No budget for additional recruiters necessary to find enough Sales Wolves.
  • They like the recruiter(s) and/or hiring manager(s) more than they like sales results.

Can't Find Sales Wolves Excuse - Not enough recruiting power.

Do you know the value of just one more true Sales Wolf on your sales team?

Tell me you do. If you don't call our team and we will help you identify this essential number.  

You need to know precisely how much more a Sales Wolf produces than your average salesperson.

If you are serious about maximizing profits you are going to hire every single Sales Wolf you can and let your competitors hire the rest.

I have never, ever, ever experienced a situation where the additional value brought on by a true Sales Wolf fails to pay for additional competent recruiting.

The problem isn't budget. The problem is mindset. Decide.  

Can't Find Sales Wolves Excuse - But my recruiter hates...

Recruiters either LOVE the five essential elements shared previously or the HATE them.

Smart recruiters especially love the use of sales personality testing coupled with the sales hiring score card. Why? Because it makes them look like heroes when the follow the recommended sales hiring process.

Ego-driven recruiters hate the recommended sales hiring process because they feel like they are not in control. Some recruiters would like us to falsely believe that their gut instincts are superior to the objective power of a valid sales personality test coupled with a solid sales hiring score card.

How much is human bias, ego and favor destroying your sales team's ability to win?

It's on you.

What gets measured gets improved.

You are either building a world class sales team that wins or you are building a social club.

You cannot have both.

If you are building a world class sales team truly focused on winning, your mindset and that of your sales team must be designed to win.

You will not get to the next level without measuring and improving.

There is no other road to sales success than through measurement. Think Moneyball.

Measure everything possible. Stop doing what does not work. Standardize what works. Measure again.

Prepare now for 2018.

2018 is literally around the corner.

If there were just one thing you can do right now to set yourself up for a powerful 2018, create, use and optimize a sales hiring scorecard coupled with valid sales personality testing.

Literally put a number to every single element of the sales hiring scorecard.

Stop doing what does not work.

Standardize what works.

More on Mindset

I have been studying the power of mindset for years. Winning sales teams have a winning Mindset powered by Sales Wolves.

If exploring mindset is of interest to you, then you must check out Carol Dweck's "Mindset - The New Psychology of Success".

Also check out Dweck's TED Talk here.

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